Gunman who injured nine in Houston was wearing a Nazi uniform

Monday morning a disgruntled lawyer named Nathan DeSai wounded nine people at a strip mall before he was killed by police. Now Click 2 Houston is reporting that DeSai was wearing Nazi paraphernalia during the attack:


Law enforcement sources said that the shooter was wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with Swastikas on it.

Montalvo said the gunman’s car was also found on Law Street, and that several weapons were found inside. Police spent hours searching the vehicle.

Investigators also combed through the shooter’s apartment, where they found what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia inside, according to a law enforcement source.

When asked if she believes the shooting was related to terrorism, [Houston Police Chief Martha] Montalvo said that she is not ready to say that yet.

ABC 13 is reporting that Nazi paraphernalia was also found inside the black Porsche DeSai owned. They published this photo of a swastika next to the car:

Now ABC News has learned that two guns and Nazi materials were found at the scene. ABC13 has confirmed that Nazi materials found inside the car registered to DeSai.


DeSai’s father told ABC 13 he was upset about the shuttering of his law office, which happened within the last six months. There are apparently some stories circulating that DeSai was fired but according to his former law partner, that’s not the case. Attorney Kenneth McDaniel told Fox 26 Houston, “It was a partnership, me and him and it was a mutual decision to close our practice and each go on our own.” McDaniel added, “I think I read somewhere that he had been fired; he couldn’t be fired because it was his law firm too.”


Of course none of this explains why DeSai had a collection of Nazi paraphernalia or why he dressed up in a Nazi uniform before going on this shooting spree. In a press conference today, authorities confirmed DeSai was wearing some kind of military uniform and that they did find swastikas in his personal effects. However, HPD homicide Captain Dwayne Ready was cautious about reading too much into this saying, “To what extent that played I don’t know because there’s also other—what I would refer to as historic or vintage military stuff within the apartment going back to the Civil War.”

Still, the fact that he chose to wear a military uniform from his collection probably tells us something about what was in his mind. If it was a vintage Nazi uniform that choice must also be significant but for now authorities aren’t saying anything about his motive. Here’s the full press conference with local authorities including Captain Ready’s comments:

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