NYPD officers attacked by man with meat cleaver

A man pulled a butcher knife and attacked NYPD officers Thursday. At least one officer was struck in the face and was taken to a hospital. The suspect was shot and was also taken to the hospital. He is expected to survive. The New York Post reports:

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. at West 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue near Madison Square Garden.

The suspect, identified as 32-year-old career criminal Akram Joudeh, started yelling and screaming at 30th and Broadway when he realized his white Nissan Altima had been booted, witnesses and law enforcement sources said.

According to NBC New York, Joudeh has 15 prior arrests “including one on Aug. 27 after he was found carrying knives near a synagogue.” Fox News reports that the officer who was injured had attempted to take Joudeh down and wound up being struck in the head with the cleaver:

Officers surrounded the man and made multiple requests that he drop the weapon, which the suspect refused to do. At that point, an off-duty detective who had joined his colleagues’ pursuit tried to grab the suspect when he was struck by the cleaver. In response, officers opened fire, hitting the suspect multiple times.

Fox News reporter Bryan Llenas posted this video of police running toward the suspect. A few seconds into this clip you can hear multiple shots being fired:

The attack is reminiscent of one that happened two years ago when a man named Zale Thompson attacked two NYPD officers with an ax. Thompson was later found to have been motivated by Islamic extremism. He had visited hundreds of websites connected to ISIS and jihad prior to the attack.

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