Brian Fallon: 'No, I don't think' Hillary lost consciousness

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell today. He was asked point blank whether Hillary lost consciousness yesterday. “No, Andrea, I don’t think so,” Fallon replied.

Fallon then launched into the Clinton camp talking points on yesterday’s incident. “I have no reason to question the veracity of the footage that was played but from those that were there…I believe what is was was she was feeling hot, which a lot of the other attendees described also feeling,” Fallon said. He continued, “I saw Chuck Schumer and Congressman Crowley also described that it was a very hot environment with all those people gathered there for the ceremony.

“She left on her own accord. I think that as she was getting to the vehicle she got a bit dizzy and she was helped into the vehicle but immediately upon being seated there she was talking to staff and, like I said, making calls. And she was up running around at her daughter’s apartment chasing her grand-kids around. And then within 90 minutes people saw her out on the sidewalk as she exited her daughter’s apartment building.”

So the official story is that Hillary never lost consciousness and that she was “helped” into the van but “immediately upon being seated” she was fine and talking to staff and making calls. The Clinton version of events is now being touted as the real, inside story by Politico:

Hillary Clinton never lost consciousness, and never stopped talking on her phone — and never put anyone else in danger — after her near swoon at a Sept. 11 memorial on Sunday in New York, according to accounts offered by several people close to the candidate.

This is not true. How do we know it’s not true? Because we have video showing her stumbling and then collapsing. As a law enforcement officer told the Daily Beast, “They threw her in like she was a side of beef.” That’s now being spun as a “near swoon” and no surprise Politico is completely willing to go along for the ride.

The Clinton approach is simple. We all saw what we saw out on the street. She was out on her feet. She stumbles away from that concrete pillar and it’s not only her legs that aren’t working it’s her hands too, one of them is still behind her back as if she’s still leaning against that pillar. Then someone grabs her and her knees go out. If not for two large secret service agents on either side of her and an unidentified woman behind her, Hillary would have collapsed in the street. They can’t lie about that because it’s on video but they can lie about everything we didn’t see afterwards.

So once the car door closed she was instantly fine! And once she got to Chelsea’s place she was doing laps around the apartment!

Maybe some of this is true but, this being the Clintons, you can bet your life it’s not the whole truth. Hillary was barely conscious (if at all) when they dragged her limp body into that van. Maybe there was even a discussion about rushing her to a hospital. That’s not a bad thing for someone who has pneumonia and passes out in the street but the lying about it is a bad thing.

It’s probably best to assume that if Clinton’s camp can lie, they will. In this case, with only Secret Service (who are sworn to secrecy) and members of Hillary’s family and team on hand as witnesses, they can. Again, I’ve made this point before but it really is the case that if not for that video clip Fallon would be on TV today denying all of it and Politico would be backing them up.