Paul Manafort and the taco bowl tweet

Remember Trump’s taco bowl tweet on Cinco de Mayo? It was a moment that suggested Trump wasn’t all that serious about reaching out to Latino voters who had been turned off by his tone during the primaries.

The Huffington Post reports (without citing a source) Paul Manafort tried to stop that tweet from being sent but couldn’t convince Trump, or his family, it was a bad idea:

The taco bowl incident, trivial though it was, is one example. On Cinco de Mayo, Trump happened to be eating a taco bowl for lunch at his desk in Trump tower. Manafort was in the office with other aides when a member of the family suggested they tweet a picture of Trump enjoying his “Mexican” lunch.

Manafort politely suggested that this might be seen as condescending and cautioned against it. The tweet went out. Trump himself was delighted by the resulting controversy. “The people who were offended were people we wanted to offend,” he later said.

That story seems to fit with the shift announced today in which Manafort, after months spent trying to make Trump a more disciplined candidate, has been rejected in favor of advisers who want him to follow his own instincts. The fact that the taco bowl tweet was sent out just five weeks after Manafort was hired suggests a Trump pivot to a different style of campaign was never really likely to happen.