Paul Ryan reaffirms support for Trump but will skip Wisconsin campaign stop

As Ed noted earlier, Donald Trump refusal to endorse Paul Ryan has revealed a conflict within the Trump campaign. Trump’s campaign manager tried to smoother over the issue on ABC’s Good Morning America, offering what Ed called an “endorsing non-endorsement.” But a couple of stories from the Associated Press this morning demonstrate there is a similar internal conflict on Ryan’s side of the divide. First up, the AP reports that Ryan reaffirmed his support for Trump:


“He won the delegates. He won the thing fair and square. It’s just that simple,” Ryan said in an interview on the “Jerry Bader Show” on WTAQ radio in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Ryan brushed off Trump’s non-endorsement, adding: “The only endorsements I want are those of my own employers here in the First Congressional District, and that’s really what my focus is.”

So on the one hand Ryan is affirming Trump as the nominee and he’s shrugging off Trump’s non-endorsement. On the other hand Ryan said in the same interview that his support for Trump was not a “blank check”:

On Thursday, Ryan again condemned Trump’s remarks about the Khans as “beyond the pale” and acknowledged that at some point, Trump could go too far for Ryan to be able to continue to support him.

A separate AP story this morning notes that Ryan will not be joining Trump on his campaign swing through Wisconsin:

Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday joined with House Speaker Paul Ryan and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson in announcing he would be skipping the Trump rally in Green Bay. All three have backed Trump, but their support has come with criticism over some of his most controversial policies and comments…

Walker also came to the defense of Ryan this week after Trump said he wasn’t ready to endorse him yet in his primary battle against political newcomer Paul Nehlen. Walker tweeted a photo of himself and Ryan together with the message, “We stand with Paul Ryan!”


So Ryan and Walker are keeping Trump at arms length and Trump’s refusal to endorse Ryan seems to be part of the reason for that.

Both sides of this divide are offering the bare minimum of support for the other side but even that seems in danger of collapsing. Trump supporter Sean Hannity is already laying the blame for a potential Trump loss on Ryan (and others) so the situation seems unlikely to improve anytime soon.

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