Joe Biden at the DNC: Trump has no clue

After a video introduction, Joe Biden took the stage to the Rocky theme.

After some introductory remarks Biden talked for a few moments about the loss of his son, Beau Biden who died last year. Biden said he had made it through that loss with the help of people around him. “We think about the countless thousands of other people who suffered so much more than we have with so much less support,” Biden said. “But they get up every morning, every day. They put one foot in front of the other…that’s the unbreakable spirit of the people of America. That’s who we are,” Biden added to cheers from the crowd.

Eventually, Biden turned to praising Hillary Clinton saying, “Everybody knows she’s smart. Everybody knows she’s tough but I know what she’s passionate about. I know Hillary.” He argued she was the only candidate who would be there to help struggling Americans.

Next, Biden turned to an attack on Donald Trump. “Just listen to me a second without booing or cheering,” Biden asked the crowd. “His cynicism is unbounded. His lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in a phrase I suspect he’s most proud of having made famous, ‘you’re fired,'” Biden said. He added, “Think about that. Think about that.

“Think about everything you learned as a child, no matter where you were raised. How can their be pleasure in saying ‘you’re fired.’ He’s trying to tell us he cares about the middle-class. Give me a break. That’s a bunch of malarkey.” This brought a cheer from the crowd.”

“He has no clue about what makes America great,” Biden continued, adding, “Actually, he has no clue period.” At this point Biden’s speech was interrupted by enthusiastic delegates chanting, “Not a clue.”

Biden also talked about foreign policy saying, “No major party nominee in the history of this nation has ever known less or has been less prepared to deal with our national security.” He continued, “We can not elect a man who exploits our fears of ISIS and other terrorists who has no plan whatsoever to make us safer. A man who embraces the tactics of our enemies: torture, religious intolerance…you all know, all the Republicans know, that’s not who we are.”

Biden closed on an optimistic note saying, “The 21st century is going to be the American century because we lead not only by the example of our power but by the power of our example.” “God willing, Hillary Clinton will write the next chapter in that journey,” he said.