Shouting breaks out at Democratic unity breakfast

Last night Bernie Sanders did his best to throw his support behind Hillary Clinton but it seems not all of his supporters are ready to fall in line. Tuesday morning the Texas delegation held a unity breakfast that descended into shouting and chaos after a Sanders supporter took the stage and condemned Clinton. From Politico:

A Texas delegation breakfast Tuesday morning broke out in a screaming match as a Bernie Sanders delegate told the crowd he was “condemning our presumptive nominee.”

The comment came during a unity effort, during which the delegate, Russell Lytle, was expected to talk about the Sanders revolution and then segue into ways to work to elect Democrats across the state.

Chaos erupted after his comment as Hillary Clinton supporters and delegates booed the speaker and chanted Clinton’s name.

CBS reporter Jack Fink was in the room. He tweeted out this video which shows a group of Sanders supporters on stage as the speaker appears to be defending Sanders’ phone banking and suggesting it will continue:

It’s not clear exactly when the crowd reacted but the next video shows Clinton supporters at the breakfast chanting her name in an apparent effort to drown him out:

Not all of the Sanders supporters in the room were pleased with the disruption by one of their own:

Eventually, everyone calmed down and took this photo together:

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