Alan Grayson threatens to call police on Politico reporter

I was going to skip Politico’s story about domestic abuse allegations by Alan Grayson’s ex-wife, but then Grayson showed up at a Politico event and threatened to call the police on a reporter. Here’s video of the incident from two different angles:


“You know, I’m hoping that somebody comes here and arrests you,” Grayson says as he gets on the elevator. All of this was prompted by questions about a story Politico published this morning noting two decades of domestic abuse allegations by Grayson’s ex-wife. From Politico:

Rep. Alan Grayson’s ex-wife repeatedly went to police with accusations of domestic abuse over a two-decade period, according to documents she has provided to POLITICO, revelations that come as the Florida congressman enters the final weeks of his Democratic primary campaign for Senate.

Lolita Grayson called police on her husband at least two times in Virginia and two more times in Florida, sought medical attention on at least two occasions and said that, in one instance, he had threatened to kill her, according to a police report

“I want the people to know my story so they know what kind of man Alan Grayson really is,” Lolita Grayson, 56, said in an email to POLITICO, her first public comments on the issue. She provided police and medical records related to 1994 and 1999 incidents in Fairfax County in Virginia, and sheriff’s reports concerning 2005 and 2014 incidents in Orange County, Florida.


To be fair to Grayson, at least one incident where his wife claimed he was violent was caught on tape and Alan Grayson’s attorneys used it to claim he was the victim:

However, Politico reports that a prosecutor felt the video appeared staged:

An assistant state attorney who decided not to prosecute Lolita Grayson for battery had doubts about the video and whether the congressman was actually the victim.

“Incident on video appears staged contrived by alleged VT [victim],” referring to Alan Grayson, read a document approved by Assistant State Attorney Rebekah Shanai Taylor. It also called Alan Grayson’s claim that he was battered “not credible.”

In May, Grayson remarried. His current wife is running for his seat in Congress. Grayson himself is running for a seat in the Senate.

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