Syrian refugee kills woman with meat cleaver near Stuttgart, Germany

A Syrian refugee killed a woman with a meat cleaver in the town of Reutlingen just south of Stuttgart, Germany. Police don’t suspect terrorism because there seems to have been a personal motive for the murder. From the Telegraph:

Syrian man has attacked and killed a woman he was reportedly in love with, hitting her with a meat cleaver in the southern German town of Reutlingen.

Another woman and a man were also injured in the attack. Local authorities have identified the man as a 21-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria who was known to the police and had previously been charged with causing bodily harm.

He attacked the woman with a meat cleaver taken from the kebab shop where they both worked shortly after 4:30pm on Sunday. The German newspaper Bild reports the woman was pregnant.

Witnesses said the attacker was seen arguing with the woman before the murder so it does sound like this was motivated by a personal problem. However after the murder the man started attacking strangers at random, injuring two other people before a passing motorist struck him with his car. From the Independent:

An eyewitness told Bild: “The attacker was completely out of his mind. He ran with the machete behind a police patrol car.”

He said a passing BMW managed to run him over and afterwards he “lay prostrate on the ground and didn’t move”.

Once he was knocked down, police were able to apprehend him. This attack does not seem to have a terrorist motive but it still has the potential to set Germans further on edge after a week in which two previous attacks left multiple people killed and injured.

Last Monday a 17-year-old Afghan refugee attacked people on a train with an axe and a knife. Four members of a family visiting from Hong Kong were injured in that attack. Police later found a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his room.

Then on Friday an 18-year-old gunman murdered 9 people in Munich. The attacker was of German-Iranian descent but authorities have said he appears not have had any religious motive or connection to terror groups. He did have an interest in previous mass shootings.