FBI: Three Palm Beach County men charged with supporting ISIS

The FBI has revealed that three Palm Beach County men have been arrested and charged with offering support to ISIS. Local10 reports:

Gregory Hubbard, 52, Darren Jackson, 50, both of West Palm Beach, and Dayne Christian, 31, of Lake Park, were named in a federal criminal complaint as being ISIS sympathizers.

According to the complaint, Hubbard expressed support for ISIS, described as ISIL, and told an FBI confidential informant that he wanted to travel to Syria and join ISIS to engage in a “violent jihad.”…

“Christian stated that he was in contact with a Syrian national inside Syria who was a member of ISIL,” the complaint said.

The complaint also describes Hubbard’s reaction to seeing news of the San Bernardino shooting on television. It says he, “grew upset, stood up suddenly and loudly exclaimed that he did not care how many Americans and infidels were killed.”

Hubbard apparently bought a ticket to Germany and planned to travel from there to Turkey by train. He would then try to enter Syria. He was arrested at the airport in Miami on Thursday. If convicted the three men could each face up to 20 years in jail.

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