Protesters attempt to 'wall off Trump' at convention

Protesters at the RNC convention attempted to “wall off” Trump by carrying a large sign painted like a brick wall. From Fox News:

A few dozen demonstrators holding banners printed with a red-brick design formed a human wall Wednesday to mock Donald Trump’s plan to seal off the Mexican border as another day of protests got underway in the streets outside the Republican convention.

Demonstrators in downtown’s Public Square held up a sign saying “Wall Off Trump” before marching off to the convention arena.

It’s hard to estimate the size of the protest but it does not appear to be very large. There seem to be as many reporters and people with cell phones taking video as protesters. Here’s what this looked and sounded like:

Other protesters wore ponchos pained like a wall or a chain link fence. They held hands while chanting, “Trump equals hate, there is no debate.”

Apparently this “wall off Trump” effort was funded with a $15,000 campaign on Indiegogo. Those who made a $32 donation to the campaign were promised this hat:


For a $50 donation you could get a T-shirt that reads “Tuck Frump.” Those giving a $250 gift get a Trump piñata which the organizers promise, “you’ll love hitting.” Marisa Franco, one of the activists who organized this stunt, appeared on Democracy Now to explain the purpose of the wall:

So, you know, Donald Trump has campaigned all across the country pledging to build this wall. So, here at his coronation as the nominee for the Republican Party, Mijente, along with Iraq Veterans Against the War, Ruckus Society and The Other 98, many other organizations, decided to bring him his wall and build it here for him. But instead of building a wall that divides our communities, we wanted to build a wall that protects our communities from the hatred, racism and xenophobia of his campaign.

The groups involved in this are so far left that they don’t see much difference between Trump and Clinton:

Yeah, we will be going to the Democratic convention. Right now, we wanted to really highlight the threat of Donald Trump and the policies that he’s spreading, but we’re also very clear that this is not a—this is not an endorsement of Senator Clinton.

Someone, apparently not connected with the effort in Cleveland, also set up this miniature wall in Los Angeles around Trump’s star on the walk of fame:

There’s video coverage of this stunt here but the quality isn’t great and if you watched the brief clips above you’ve seen most of the action.