Report: Trump will pick Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate

Based on an unnamed Republican source, Roll Call is reporting that Gov. Mike Pence will be picked as Donald Trump’s running mate. The story doesn’t offer much detail except to say the source is someone, “with direct knowledge of the decision.”

The suggestion this week has been that Pence and former Speaker Newt Gingrich were the front-runners for the position. CNN reported that a trial-run for Pence at a campaign stop in Indiana Tuesday went very well:

Pence introduced Trump at a rally Tuesday in Indiana that served as an audition of sorts as the presumptive Republican nominee closes in on a decision. The Indiana governor happily played the role of attack dog by slamming Hillary Clinton and saying she “must never become president of the United States.”…

In a change in plans, Trump later decided to spend the night in Indianapolis “because it was logistically easier” to go straight from there to California, a campaign aide confirmed to CNN.

Earlier in the day, Pence lavished praise on the presumptive GOP nominee, comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan and using the phrase “make America great again” Tuesday afternoon when he spoke with reporters after an event in Indianapolis.

A source tells CNN that the campaign vetted Pence and found his record “was completely clean….” The source adds, “No one needs an extra hassle.”

Trump is set to announce the decision Friday morning at Trump Tower.

A Trump spokesman is already responding to the report saying no decision has yet been made:

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