84 killed after 'French Tunisian' drives truck into crowd in Nice, France

Update: It’s now morning in France and the death toll from last night’s attack has climbed to 84.

The Daily Mail reports two Americans, Sean Copeland and his 11-year-old son Brodie, were killed in the attack.

Update: Death toll is now up to 80 with up to 50 more injured:

Sky News is now reporting the driver was a “French Tunisian.”

Also, Fox News just pointed out that this attack is similar to a suggestion made in a 2010 issue of Al Qaeda’s propaganda magazine, Inspire. Here is that article from Inspire encouraging people to use a pickup truck to murder civilians in countries including France:

Inspire issue 2

Inspire 2

Update: Latest updates suggest the death toll has risen once again.

President Obama has issued a statement:

Update: Fox News is now reporting 73 have been killed in the attack.

Via SkyNews, Le Figaro newspaper is reporting that guns and grenades were found inside the truck.

There are reports that the driver exchanged gunfire with the police before he was killed. From CNN:

A CNN affiliate in France, BFM-TV, reported police exchanged gunfire with people in the truck.

Not sure why CNN is reporting “people” in the truck. There don’t seem to be any confirmed reports of multiple people in the truck yet, only reports that the driver of the truck was killed.

No one has confirmed ISIS is responsible but that seems to be where this is heading.

[End update.]

A truck was driven into crowds of people who were celebrating Bastille Day by gathering outside to watch fireworks in Nice, France. Reports say at least 60 people have been killed. Most of the information at this moment is coming in by way of tweets. Here is the latest on the number of fatalities:

From the newspaper Nice Matin, this one reads, “The truck riddled with bullets.”

Taxis are offering free rides to help evacuate the area:

Some images of the scene:

Video was shot by this Twitter user shows people running in panic:

“The horror in Nice.”


There is video of the aftermath of this attack which can only be described as horrific. Since it’s not something everyone would want to see so I’ll link it but not embed it.

This video appears to shows the white truck driving through the crowd of people and people screaming in reaction:

Donald Trump has responded on Twitter:



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