Baton Rouge police arrest three planning attack on officers with stolen guns

Apparently it’s not as easy to get a Glock as it is to get a book. A plot to attack police in Baton Rouge was stopped after one individual was arrested during an attempt to steal guns for the planned assault from a local pawn shop. CNN reports:

Baton Rouge police Chief Carl Dabadie on Tuesday said officers have arrested three people whom they believe were planning to kill police in the Louisiana city.

One person was arrested during a weekend burglary of a pawn shop, in which eight guns were stolen, Dabadie told reporters.

ABC affiliate WBRZ reports on the names of three of the four individuals involved:

The raid of a home Monday and a pawn shop burglary last week are connected to the arrests of three people who said they were going to kill police at protests for Alton Sterling, the WBRZ Investigative Unit learned from sources.

17-year-old Antonio Thomas, 23-year-old Trashone Coats, 20-year-old Malik Bridgewater and a 13-year-old male have been arrested in connection to the burglary. Thomas, Bridgewater and the juvenile were booked into parish prison for simple burglary and theft of a firearm and Coats was charged with illegal possession of a stolen firearm.

“This was substantial, credible information that we received that was going to cause harm to police officers in the Baton Rouge area,” State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson said at a press conference Tuesday evening.

These stories don’t really spell out what happened but a press conference (video of which was was posted on You Tube by Mediaite) explains the sequence of events in more detail. There were multiple people involved in the burglary at the pawn shop early Saturday morning. Police responding to the scene arrested one individual and determined that a total of eight guns had been stolen.

Information they got from the one individual they caught at the scene led police to a house they searched Monday and, presumably, to the arrests of the other individuals involved in the plot against police. So far, six of the eight stolen guns have been recovered. Police are calling on the one individual who has not yet been arrested to turn himself in.

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