Protesters shut down I-94 highway in St. Paul (Updated)

Update: This was posted this afternoon by the St. Paul police:

[End update]

Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Paul shut down the I-94 highway for several hours Saturday night. Police arrested 50 people on the highway and reported 5 officers were injured by thrown rocks, fireworks, rebar and even a Molotov cocktail. From the Associated Press:

Police used smoke bombs to clear demonstrators blocking Interstate 94 in St. Paul late Saturday night during a protest sparked by the recent police killings of black men inMinnesota and Louisiana.

The smoke was used after about 200 protesters refused to leave the roadway just after midnight as police in riot gear slowly moved in. The St. Paul Police Department tweeted that arrests were made, but didn’t indicate how many, and said at least five officers were injured by rocks, firecrackers and other debris thrown by protesters.

St. Paul Police live-tweeted many of the event as they happened:

At this point, some of the protesters started throwing rocks, bottles and fireworks at police. The police responded with inert gas:

Protesters are chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

At some point during the standoff, protesters played Prince’s Purple Rain and sang along, but the rock and firework throwing continued:

Finally, hours after the protest began, the interstate was reopened:

Police released an update on the number of arrests and the number of officers injured Sunday morning: