Watch the Daily Show eviscerate itself with response to SCOTUS' abortion decision

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show did not make any new friends today. After the Supreme Court overturned a law requiring strict regulation of Texas abortion clinics the show’s Twitter account celebrated the decision with this message:

The tweet was ostensibly a joke but the response suggests it didn’t land with people left, right or center. People on the right were repulsed by the suggestion that abortion is something to celebrate and by the idea that abortion should be thought of as another means of birth control no different from any other. People on the left were upset because the tweet assumed a male perspective and failed to include the consent of the woman being knocked up, i.e. it sounded “rape-flavored.” Pretty much everyone agreed that whatever the joke was intended to be it just wasn’t funny at all.

About an hour and a half later the Daily Show begged people to give them a break because, hey, they were trying to celebrate the ruling. BTW, this tweet is pretty much a summation of the kind of clapper humor made popular by the Daily Show, i.e. we may not be funny but, friends, remember we’re on the same side:

But the original tweet is still up there and some are not ready to let it go:

And on and on it goes. There are hundreds of responses and few if any seem to be supportive of the Daily Show. They have managed to unite the nation…in disgust.