Everything you wanted to know about Brexit (but were afraid to ask)

The big Brexit vote is coming up this week where UK voters will decide whether to stay in or get out of the European Union. As Jazz pointed out last week, it has looked for some time as if the vote was going to fail, meaning the UK would stay in the EU, but very recently the polls have showed a surge of support for leaving. However, those polls may be swinging back after the murder last week of an MP by a mentally ill man.

For those, like me, who are interested in the vote and want to know more about it, here’s a primer featuring BBC’s Philippa Thomas that covers all the basics. This clip is about 9 minutes long and answers questions like: What is this vote about? Who gets to vote? Which party supports each side of the debate? Etc…

If you got through that clip (or already knew the basics) and want to know a bit more, this BBC series of stories titled The EU in 10 Objects is pretty interesting. It attempts to make the topic of EU regulation of member states moderately entertaining and, I think, it mostly succeeds. As the title suggests, there are 10 of these clips but I’ll include just three of them, starting with this clip on animal welfare regulation:

This clip on cell phones covers roaming charge regulation:

And finally this one, titled The Clock, covers EU labor regulations:

There are seven more of these if you’re interested. Also, I’d recommend this clip on the amount of money the UK pays to remain part of the EU on a weekly basis. The vote takes place this Thursday, June 23rd.

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Jazz Shaw 12:01 PM on November 30, 2022