Bernie Sanders could endorse Hillary Clinton prior to convention

Bernie Sanders might be willing to endorse Hillary Clinton prior to the convention, his campaign manager says. Sanders’ decision will be based on how negotiations between the campaigns, which are taking place this week, turn out. The Washington Post reports:


 Jeff Weaver, a longtime Sanders confidant, said that he has been encouraged by discussions over several policy issues important to Sanders — including a plan for tuition-free college — that Sanders would like to see as part of the Democratic legislative agenda going forward. Clinton and Sanders began talks in earnest over such issues during a meeting Tuesday in Washington.

“The resolution of those issues are important to determining any timetable” for a potential endorsement, Weaver said, adding that the outcome could also determine “how closely the campaigns work together” heading into the fall to defeat Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

One of the top demands on Sanders’ list has already been addressed. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is now chair of the Democratic National Committee in “name only.” Huffington Post reports Clinton replaced Wasserman-Schultz this week with Brandon Davis, a union political coordinator:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has handed the day-to-day operations of the Democratic Party over to Clinton’s hand picked operator Brandon Davis.

Davis assumes the role of Chief of Staff, but in reality, he will be running the Democratic National Committee until a new Chairperson is selected at this year’s convention…

Wasserman-Schultz will retain her title in name only until the Democratic party votes on a successor.

From the Post, Sanders’ campaign manager had this to say about the move:


“It’s clear that she’s now not in charge,” Weaver said of Wasserman Schultz. “I anticipate at some point a permanent replacement will be picked. It certainly should happen as quickly as possible.”

“Maybe she’ll take it upon herself to leave,” Weaver added.

Sound a bit bitter to you? Sanders’ campaign has been at odds with the DNC for months. CNN reported on one of the recent flare ups in that ongoing battle last month:

Wasserman Schultz is at the center of the ongoing war between Clinton and Sanders after she criticized the Vermont senator on CNN last week. Wasserman Schultz said Sanders’ tepid response to chaos sparked by his supporters at the Nevada State Democratic Convention was “anything but acceptable” and compared it to a Donald Trump campaign event.

More recently, a hack of the DNC revealed a strategy memo from May 2015, a month after Sanders joined the race, which seems wholly focused on defending and electing Hillary Clinton.

Sanders’ other priorities in the negotiation include adding his policy proposals to the party platform, such as a greater emphasis on climate change.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 07, 2023