Hillary Clinton meets with Elizabeth Warren at her D.C. home

Elizabeth Warren could be on her way to becoming Hillary Clinton’s choice for Vice President. Today, Clinton invited Warren to meet with her at her D.C. home. Politico reports:

Cameras captured Warren exiting a blue SUV with legislative director Jon Donenberg and heading into Clinton’s Whitehaven residence Friday morning, more than an hour before Clinton was scheduled to deliver remarks at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

The confab came a day after Warren, a progressive firebrand and outspoken Donald Trump critic, endorsed the former secretary of state and blasted Trump as “thin-skinned” during a legal forum near the White House.

The meeting lasted for just over an hour and Warren did not take any questions from the media on her way out.

Yesterday, Warren endorsed Clinton on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show and toward the end of the interview, Maddow asked Warren if she believed she could be a Vice-President, meaning did she feel prepared to be Commander-in-Chief. Warren replied, “Yes, I do.” After Warren’s endorsement, Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet praising her:

This morning, Clinton followed that up with two more tweets about Warren:

It certainly looks as if the writing is on the wall and, according to Politico, the progressive wing of the party is giddy about it:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ lone Senate backer, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, gushed over the prospect of a Vice President Warren, casting her as a progressive who could continue what Sanders started.

“Right now, Kate, every progressive in America is hoping that the conversation at Secretary Clinton’s house is all about how Elizabeth Warren would be a wonderful vice president of the United States,” he told CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

Clinton has said she would announce her VP pick prior to the convention which is only about six weeks away.