Clinton to Trump: 'Delete your account'

Donald Trump reacted to President Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Twitter Thursday in his usual style and Hillary Clinton responded in kind. But don’t hold your breath for all the progressives who have attacked Trump’s Twitter put-downs to hold Clinton to the same standard:

Clinton responded with what is by now an old insult on Twitter, “Delete your account.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus got into it with a quip aimed at Clinton:

The tweet from Hillary’s account didn’t come from Hillary herself (at least there is no “H” signature) but it seems like a response that must have been pre-approved. I really doubt her staff has carte blanche to issue put downs under her name. So I think this does say something about Hillary and about this campaign that undercuts the established narrative.

As much as Hillary wants to make this a battle between civilization and outer darkness that’s not what it is. The narrative has been that Trump’s tweets show him to be the barbarian at the gate while Hillary’s more mature output makes her the adult in the room. But this 3 word put-down could have come from Trump himself so does that mean Clinton has sunk to his level. Is she wrong too? Don’t bet on it. Instead, expect all sorts of lefty think-pieces (The New Counter-Puncher!) basically justifying and probably praising Clinton for responding in kind.

Clearly, Clinton’s supporters love it (according to Clinton’s social media director it’s her most RT’d tweet of the campaign). As of writing this, it has over 220,000 retweets. By contrast, President Obama’s endorsement from earlier today hasn’t quite reached 10k RTs. So much for rallying to the adult in the room.

What this campaign is really going to be is months of back and forth insults with each side taking shots at the other. And yet, Trump will consistently be blamed for bringing down the tone of the campaign even as Clinton is praised for toughness. As in every election, the Republican has to fight a two front war, one against the other candidate and one against the media.

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