California primary results

Not a lot of drama left on either side of the race since Hillary clinched the nomination Monday. The race for the nomination is over. However, CA primary results could be interesting as a measure of how divided the Democratic party remains.


If Hillary wins California convincingly that would be a strong push for Sanders to fold up his tent and go home. If, however, Sanders pulls off an upset win tonight, then the story is that a lot of Democrats have not embraced Hillary despite her having already won this.

10:22am EDT – The AP finally called CA for Clinton at 6:13am. Results as of 8:30 am are below:

3:04am – Still no call. With 47% in, CNN reports Clinton leads Sanders 58.4% to 40.6%.

2:07am – CNN has called Montana for Sanders.

2:02am – Sanders closes with “Thank you all! The struggle continues!”

1:58am – Sanders confirms he is staying in through the D.C. primary and then taking the movement to the convention. “I know the fight in front of us is a very steep fight, but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate we can win.”


1:56am – Sanders is still going. This is sounding like his ordinary stump speech, hitting themes of income inequality, breaking up banks, universal health care, etc. He also attacked Trump:

1:43am – Bernie Sanders is speaking in Santa Monica, CA. “Let me thank all of you for being part of the political revolution.” This brings a big cheer.

“When we began this campaign a little over a year ago this was considered fringe campaign.” Loud boos.

1:15am – With 35% of the vote in, CNN reports Clinton leads Sanders 61.6% to 37.3%.

12:25am – Obama called both Clinton and Sanders:


12:20am – The NY Times reports Sanders’ campaign planning layoffs:

Senator Bernie Sanders plans to lay off at least half of his campaign staff Wednesday as his battered presidential bid continues despite Hillary Clinton’s being declared the presumptive Democratic nominee, two people close to the campaign said Tuesday.

11:52pm – AP calls South Dakota for Clinton:

11:31pm – Not a surprise here but since AP is calling it…

11:28pm – CNN: With 13% reporting, Clinton leads 62.6% to 36.3%.

11:20pm – Decision Desk HQ: With 3.4% of precincts reporting, Clinton leads Sanders by 156,672 votes.

11:05pm – RNC statement on Trump and Clinton:

Tonight, Donald Trump officially secured the requisite number of pledged delegates to be the Party’s presumptive nominee and built on his historic number of votes in the GOP Primary. Donald Trump sets up a clear contrast between Clinton who was anointed by Democrat insiders, and a successful businessman who offers a new path to get our country back on track.

Clinton will now attempt to pivot to the general election under the shadow of a looming FBI investigation into her reckless conduct at the State Department while facing an electorate that overwhelmingly finds her unlikeable and untrustworthy. Too much is on the line in this election to hand the White House over to someone as untrustworthy and hypocritical as Hillary Clinton, who is committed to the same failed Obama agenda which has made our nation less prosperous, less safe, and less free.


10:55pm EDT – CNN calls New Mexico for Hillary. She leads in Montana and South Dakota. California polls close in 5 minutes.

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