Jen Psaki to Fox News: Stop vilifying me over video edit

Former State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki lashed out at Fox News’ James Rosen Thursday, accusing him of “vilifying” her. Rosen has been reporting on a daily briefing video which the State Department admitted this week was intentionally edited, apparently to remove an awkward admission made by Psaki about the Iran deal negotiations.


Psaki’s heated response to Rosen came after he politely but pointedly asked her to clarify a previous denial in which she said she had no knowledge of “editing or cutting my briefing transcript.” As Rosen correctly pointed out, the written transcript of the briefing had not been edited, only the video that accompanied it. Perhaps suspecting a Clintonian denial (i.e. technically true but intentionally misleading), Rosen asked, “Do you want to issue a revised statement, asserting the same for the video…?” Psaki responded angrily:


My statement applies to the video which is considered a form of the transcript and every aspect of this.

I understand it is inconvenient for you that I have nothing to do with this given you have spent the last three weeks vilifying me on television without any evidence of my knowledge or involvement and without once reaching out and asking me, but I would encourage you to also ask the State Department if there is any evidence. A shred or any information at all that suggests I had any knowledge of this or any connection to this on any level. Hopefully you will find the time to spend on the range of global events happening in the world in between attacking my character.

Consider that on the record from me as well


The story notes that Rosen denies his reporting has been unfair to Psaki.


The real problem here is that the State Department has now been caught in a series of lies and yet still seems to think there is no need to hold anyone accountable. But as Jake Tapper said yesterday, “we have a right to know who lied to us and why.”

So while Psaki is indignant about the implication that she had something to do with this, the fact remains that it was her awkward admission that was edited out. That and the fact that she held the top job in that office at the time makes her the obvious person to look to in this situation. Put another way, if Psaki is not the villain here then the villain is someone who worked alongside Jen Psaki at the State Department.

Instead of telling James Rosen to ask the State Department for “a shred” of proof she knew about this, why isn’t she hounding the Department to find who was involved? Maybe Psaki really doesn’t know anything about the edit, but it’s odd that she doesn’t seem to care to find out.

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