Former State Dept. IG: I would have investigated Clinton's server too

There was no Inspector General at the State Department for the four years of Hillary Clinton’s tenure, a situation Fox News’ Catherine Herridge compares to having no sheriff in town. Howard Krongard, who held the post from 2005-2007, says he would have immediately investigated Clinton’s email server if he’d been there at the time.

“Inspectors general are not necessarily popular for the reason you just said,” Krongard tells Herridge. He added, “They are the people who enforce the rules and there was no one enforcing the rules at that time.”

Referring to the over 2,000 classified emails found on Clinton’s server, Krongard told Herridge it was a “very deliberate act” for information to jump from classified systems to an unsecured one. Asked by Herridge if it could happen by accident, Krongard replied, “No.”

Finally, Krongard also weighed in on a phrase used repeatedly by the Clinton campaign and the State Department to defend her behavior. Krongard says “retroactively classified” is a misleading phrase because the content of the messages is what matters not the markings. In his view, the “retroactively classified” material was classified all along, it just wasn’t being handled properly.

Earlier this month, FBI Director Comey took issue with another term of art used by the Clinton campaign, saying in response to a question, “I’m not familiar with the term ‘security inquiry’.” Comey made clear the FBI does investigations and that’s what the Clinton email matter is. Clinton and her team have repeatedly used the phrase “security inquiry” to minimize the seriousness of the FBI investigation.