The State IG report is just the beginning for Hillary Clinton

The Hill has a story today titled “Clinton email headache is about to get worse” which looks at the timeline of events yet to come. Author Julian Hattem concludes the worst may be around the corner for Clinton, who is already struggling to deal with the conclusions of the IG report:

On Friday, Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills was interviewed behind closed doors as part of a court case launched by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch. In coming weeks, longtime aide Huma Abedin, former IT specialist Bryan Pagliano and other officials are scheduled to answer questions under oath for sessions that could last as long as seven hours.


At some point in the next month, the House Select Committee on Benghazi is also set to release its long-awaited report about the 2012 terror attack, which has been linked to Clinton.

The committee has pursued Clinton’s emails to the extent that they relate to the violence in Libya, and the report is likely to stoke new ire about the matter. However, its two-year investigation has been marred by partisan bickering, and the report will likely be shrugged off by Democrats.

There is no doubt Democrats will shrug off the Benghazi report. However, if the report itself sheds some new light on any aspect of the story it may be hard for them to ignore it. They can cry partisan all day long but that won’t protect Clinton if the media is able to substantiate the report’s details. Probably the best sign that the report is shaping up as bad news for Clinton is the degree to which Democrats have been eager to dismiss it. If it was really a nothing-burger they wouldn’t be working so hard to undermine it.

Finally, there is the FBI report which the Hill notes many experts suspect will not lead to a call for charges against Clinton. However, even that may not be the end of it:

Republicans appear primed to cry foul if the FBI closes its investigation without handing down indictments or offering a public explanation. Senior lawmakers have already excoriated the Justice Department for failing to appoint a special prosecutor.

“It’s clear that the attorney general, who serves at the pleasure of President Obama, is going to have very little incentive or intention to pursue the appropriate investigation,” Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican, said on the chamber floor this week.

Clinton took a real hit this week. It wasn’t a knock-out punch as her defenders have been eager to argue, but it clearly has her on the ropes. The fact that she continued mouthing the same talking points which the report just disproved (“it was allowed”, etc.) suggests she is running out of room to tap-dance around this credibility scandal of her own making.

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