Morning Joe on Clinton's response to IG report: 'That was mind-boggling'

After playing clips of Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the IG report out this week, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough says, “That was mind-boggling.” He added, “Does she not have anyone around her that can tell her…’You know you’ve got to really stop lying about this’ because everything she said in there is just a lie.”

Scarborough continued, responding to each claim Clinton made, “‘It was allowed by the State Department…’ No, it was not allowed by the State Department. ‘Everybody knew in the State Department that we were doing it…’ No! They said they didn’t know but if we did know we wouldn’t allow her to do it. And she goes on and on.”

This really is a fairly brutal take down of Clinton’s latest talking points and no one on the panel jumps in to bail Clinton out. Video posted by the Washington Free Beacon: