Protests outside Trump Rally in Anaheim, CA

There were more protests Wednesday outside a Donald Trump rally in Anaheim, California. Fox News reported that a handful of protesters wearing masks were throwing rocks, some as large as grapefruit, at a line of police on horseback. This clip shows a few anti-Trump supporters screaming and threatening a handful of Trump supporters. This clip basically boils down to one angry guy (anti-Trump) screaming that another guy (flag headband) that he’s a disgrace. Eventually the other guy must have said something like ‘No, you are’ which makes the first guy even angrier. But there seem to be as many cameras here as protesters (some NSFW language here):

AFP has video of anti-Trump protesters who appear to be arguing with a couple of street preachers. There are  a few Nazi signs but, overall, I’d categorize the protester energy level of this clip as Jeb-Bush-after-a-hearty-meal.

Here’s more of the street preacher guy talking about deportation with a young woman who says she’s not leaving:

Next up is an Associated Press clip which captures one of the key moments of this protest…the arrest of a guy in a scary clown mask. It’s not clear what the guy had done but it is clear that clowns are creepy:

A photo of the arrest:

CNN captured a fist fight breaking out on the street but it’s impossible to tell from the helicopter shot who is fighting (or why):

Finally, Fox News went live to the scene during The Five but seems to have just missed most of the action. The reporter on scene describes a handful of protesters with covered faces throwing rocks at police and kicking passing cars but we don’t actually see any of that. This clip does show police chasing (and losing) one protester and the line or horseback mounted police advancing down the street several times: