What Bill Clinton said in those high-priced speeches

Friday, Politico reported it had been given a transcript of one of Bill Clinton’s high-priced speeches. Bill was paid 285,000 to speak to the “China-U.S. Private Investment Summit” in Austin, Texas last year. The transcript may suggest why Hillary has been so hesitant to release her own transcripts. Politico calls it, “a dose of the full, unplugged Bubba.”

“Once I got a cartoon in the mail when I was fighting out that Whitewater business,” he reminisced in front of about 60 Chinese investors and 150 American businesspeople gathered to discuss bilateral investment opportunities in late March 2015 — two weeks before Hillary Clinton officially declared her candidacy. “And Jiang Zemin and I are sitting together at a state dinner, and in the first frame, I say to President Jiang, I said, ‘You know, you’re doing great economically, but our country has more human rights.’ And he looked at me and he said, ‘Yes, and if you were the leader of China, Ken Starr would be in prison making running shoes.’”

A self-deprecating Clinton admitted of those scandal-tarred days of his presidency: “I saved that cartoon for a long time. I must say there were days when I wondered who had the better model.”

This is obviously intended to be a joke and yet it’s exactly the kind of thing that would circulate on progressive blogs if the speaker were Donald Trump. You can probably imagine the headline at Think Progress, “Trump Ponders Dictatorship as Better System.”

For months there has been pressure on Hillary Clinton to release transcripts of her high-priced speeches to big companies like Goldman Sachs and UBS. So far, Hillary has refused to release those transcripts saying she would not do so because others were not being held to the same standard.

CNN reported in February that the Clintons earned $153 million from 729 paid speeches between 2001 and early 2015 when Hillary launched her campaign for president.