Elizabeth Warren sounding like a would-be VP in latest Twitter rant

Elizabeth Warren went on an anti-Trump rant on Twitter last night, concluding by saying she would fight her heart out to make sure he never becomes president. It sounded like the sort of thing a running mate on the opposing ticket might say. Here’s a sample of last night’s rant:

The rant continues for another 4-5 tweets and then she ends with this:

Fighting your heart using blunt rhetoric…that’s pretty much the job description of a VP during a campaign. Warren has uncorked these sorts of Twitter rants before. Back in March she went on an anti-Trump rant comparing him to Hitler and repeatedly calling him a “loser.” Is she trying to send (smoke) signals to the Clinton camp? According to a Politico story published late last month, Clinton is not likely to pick Warren for a number of reasons:

Clinton and the senior senator from Massachusetts don’t have a close, personal relationship — in fact, there’s no evidence to show they even particularly like each other — and Clinton insiders worry Warren could upstage the likely Democratic nominee during the general election. While there’s confidence in the energy she could bring to the ticket, questions loom about the anti-Big Bank crusader’s appeal among white working class voters, as well as her lack of experience.

If you parse that paragraph it lists four reasons not to pick Warren that range from personal to practical. Lack of experience seems like a canard given that Clinton will be running against someone with no government experience. Her appeal to “white working class voters” seems like a more solid reason to reject Warren for someone like Tim Kaine. He has executive experience and he could help Hillary retain some of those white male voters a Clinton-Warren ticket might struggle with.

However, you have to wonder if the real reason Warren isn’t on the short list isn’t the second one, i.e. Warren would likely upstage Clinton. Consider that Hillary has been struggling to close the deal against an aging socialist with bad hair. Long after she has been the presumptive nominee based on the delegate count, Democrats keep handing her defeats like the one last night in Indiana. They may be ready to vote for Clinton in the general election but they aren’t excited about it the way they get excited about Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Adding Warren to the ticket would just be a constant reminder that Hillary lacks personal charisma and doesn’t hold the same appeal to her party’s far-left base. Imagine if the crowds at Clinton rallies take to chanting “War-ren! War-ren!” instead of Hillary’s name. Hillary doesn’t want to spend the rest of this race feeling the Bern from her own VP pick.

Update: Hmmm…

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John Sexton 10:00 PM on June 02, 2023