Poll: Majority disapprove of Obamacare

A Pew Research survey released Thursday finds that a majority of Americans (54%) disapprove of Obamacare five years after it became law. Pew notes that the currents results show the law has declined in popularity since a Supreme Court ruling last summer:

Currently, 44% approve of the 2010 health care law, compared with 54% who disapprove of the law.

In July 2015, after the Supreme Court upheld the federal government’s ability to provide insurance subsidies through federal exchanges, nearly equal shares approved (48%) as disapproved of the law (49%). Over the prior two years, somewhat more disapproved than approved of the law.

To the degree there is any bright spot for progressives in this poll it comes from the modest uptick in those who say the law has been good for the country as a whole. As this Pew chart shows, 39% say the law is good for the country compared to 30% two years ago. However, the law is still underwater on this question with 44% saying the law has had a negative effect on the country.

Pew Obamacare

One interesting finding of the poll is how little opinions have changed since Pew began surveying the topic in early 2012. Back then 76% of Democrats approved of the law; today it’s 78%. Back then 11% of Republicans approved; today it’s just 9%. So it appears positions on both sides of the aisle have fluctuated a bit over time as big events such as the disastrous roll-out or the Supreme Court ruling become news, but things gradually return to the same basic standoff. As President Obama prepares to leave office his signature accomplishment is a winner with Democrats but still a loser overall.