Clinton, De Blasio make awkward racial joke at NY dinner

This is the kind of thing that no Republican candidate would survive unscathed. Hillary Clinton and NY Major Bill deBlasio appeared at a press dinner Saturday and did some obviously scripted “humor” which involved racial stereotypes about black people.

The laugh-fest started with Clinton thanking De Blasio for his belated endorsement, “I  just have to say…thanks for the endorsement, Bill. Took you long enough.” This was a reference to De Blasio’s belated October endorsement.

In response to Clinton and the laughter from the crowd, DeBlasio said, “Sorry Hillary, I was running on C-P time.” That’s a reference to “colored people’s time” a stereotype that suggests black people are always late.

Leslie Odom Jr., an actor from Hamilton, responded to DeBlasio with a setup line, “I don’t like jokes like that, Bill.” Finally the payoff of this awkward skit came from Clinton. She turned to Odom and said, “Cautions politician time.” Here’s the clip posted by a Sanders’ supporter:

Was anyone at the dinner really offended by the “CPT” joke? Probably not. In a relatively sane world that would be all that matters. But let’s face it, no Republican presidential candidate who dared to perform a skit based on a racial stereotype about black people would be allowed to live it down. If Trump or Cruz had tried this, CNN would run the clip on a loop and either Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper would be asking in very serious tones if such humor was still appropriate in 2016. The media’s rules, as ever, are just different for Democrats.

Finally, one has to assume this skit was set up to make Hillary look loose and spontaneous, but to no avail. She continues to look awkward and stiff (the disco Dr. Evil outfit doesn’t help). Clinton’s one saving grace here may be that Bill De Blasio’s comedic timing is even worse than her own. If nothing else this little skit should be denounced as a crime against comedy.

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