Arizona Primary and Utah Caucus Returns (Trump wins Arizona, Cruz wins Utah)


Polls don’t close until 10 pm EDT but we’re posting this early in case there are any interesting results or exit polls before that. Arizona is a primary with 58 delegates at stake. Recent polls show Trump is favored to win (he leads the RCP average by +13). On the Democratic side there are 75 delegates at stake and polls show Hillary Clinton has a big lead.



In Utah polls will close at 1 am EDT so you’ll have to stay up late for this one. There are 40 delegates at stake and recent polls show Ted Cruz has a sizable lead. The GOP will be using online voting. Here’s a video that explains how the system works.

On the Democratic side there are 33 delegates at stake (the voting method is completely different for Democrats). The most recent poll showed Bernie Sanders with a lead over Hillary.

2:35 am: And now the AP calls Utah for Cruz and adds that it looks like he will exceed 50% of the vote and thus claim all 40 delegates:

Jumping back to Idaho, NY Times reports Sanders will pick up 17 delegates in the lopsided win (78% to 21.2%). Hillary will pick up 5 delegates.

2:30 am: There was also a Democratic caucus in Idaho tonight and the AP has called it for Sanders:

2:22 am: Politico updates the GOP results from Utah:


1:33 am: The Associated Press calls Utah for Sanders:

1:26 am: On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders has a huge lead in early Utah returns. NY Times: With 11% reporting, Sanders is at 74.8% to Clinton’s 24.1 percent.

1:15 am: Decision Desk HQ says Cruz wins Utah:

NY Times, with 2% reporting, has Cruz at 62% and Trump at 23.4 percent.

12:31 am: Hillary Clinton gave a speech to supporters after her win in Arizona. The speech included this attack on Trump and Cruz:

11:21 pm: The Associated Press calls Arizona for Hillary Clinton:

Also, CNN just joined Fox News in calling the state for Trump.

11:17 pm: Fox News calls Arizona for Donald Trump. He picks up all 58 delegates.

11:10 pm: Fox News has Arizona results. With 38% in on the GOP side Trump is at 45.4%, Cruz at 20.2% and Kasich at 10.8 percent.


On the Democratic side with 41% in Clinton is at 61.5% and Sanders at 36.4 percent.

11:05 pm: Decision Desk HQ has some results coming in from Maricopa county.

10:37 pm: Polls closed in AZ at 10 pm EDT but there is an embargo on results until 11 pm. Stay tuned…

9:58 pm: Polls about to close in AZ. AP has a story up about 2-hour-long lines:

9:27 pm EDT: The Arizona Republic has a day long live blog going here. They report long lines with people waiting up to 90 minutes to vote and polling places running out of ballots this afternoon.

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