Elizabeth Warren: Trump is an insecure loser who reminds me of Hitler (Update)

Elizabeth Warren is not a fan of Donald Trump. Trump mocked Warren’s alleged Native American ancestry in a story published Saturday by the NY Times. This morning the Massachusetts Senator took to Facebook and Twitter and attacked him as an insecure loser, even adding a thinly-veiled reference to Adolf Hitler. The full Facebook post is here. Warren also tweeted most of it out Monday morning:

Warren is clearly looking to start a Twitter war with Trump. Is she trying to signal something to Hillary Clinton with this? Reminder: It’s usually the vice-presidential candidate who engages in the most florid attacks on the other party’s nominee.

This is a problem for Warren and for other Democrats. After calling Trump a loser, a racist, a misogynist and a narcissist, she now says he could win the election. Of course that implicates all the voters involved in supporting him. Warren wants to attack Trump but she’s also attacking his supporters in a way that seems to leave little room for reconciliation.

And then she really goes out on a limb with this tweet:

Granted she doesn’t come right out and say “He’s like Hitler!” but that’s the gist here. If you asked people to name “history’s worst authoritarians” for an episode of family feud, Hitler is definitely the top answer on the board. In fact, lots of people would probably get stuck after Hitler and need help naming others.

This seems like a strange way to decry extreme political rhetoric and advocate for “decency.”

It’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton made a similarly veiled Nazi reference about the GOP last August, suggesting the party wanted to deport 11 million illegal immigrants in “boxcars.” A Clinton spokesman denied this was a Nazi reference the next day. However the only two times Clinton has ever mentioned putting people in boxcars (prior to August) was when speaking at holocaust memorial events in 2010 and 2012.

So far, Trump has not responded to Warren’s tweets.

Update: Trump responds as reported by Politico:

“The problem with the country right now [is] it’s so divided, and people like Elizabeth Warren really have to get their act together because it’s going to stay divided,” he told reporters during a news conference Monday.

Trump also referred to Warren as “the Indian” — a swipe at the controversy that touched her Senate campaign after it was revealed that she had in the past claimed minority status, citing Native American ancestry.

Politico has video of Trump’s comments in which he blamed the division in the country on everybody including Hillary Clinton and himself.

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