Hulk Hogan awarded $115 million in Gawker sex-tape case (Update)

Jurors in the civil trial based on a lawsuit filed by former wrestler Hulk Hogan against news and gossip site Gawker began their deliberations Friday afternoon. Hulk Hogan tweeted this today:

It took the jury about 6 hours to side with Hogan and award him a $115 million settlement. CNN’s Tom Kludt tweeted the breaking news:

Apparently, Gawker will need to put up the $50 million in order to proceed to the appeals court where Nick Denton, Gawker’s founder, expects to fare better. Denton released this statement after the verdict was issued:

Update: This evening Hogan aka Terry Bollea, tweeted this in reaction to the verdict:

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David Strom 6:01 PM on February 01, 2023