Marco Rubio suspends campaign after Florida loss

Marco Rubio came out and opened on a gracious note, congratulating Donald Trump on his win in Florida. At one point Rubio was interrupted by someone shouting at him. He paused and then joked, “Don’t worry, he won’t get beat up at our event.”

The thrust of Rubio’s speech was that the frustration of people throughout the country was understandable and even predictable but he renewed his criticism of running a campaign that played on people’s anger rather than their optimism. Here is the key section:

While it is not God’s plan that I be president in 2016 or maybe ever. And while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that I have even come this far is evidence of how special America truly is and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. I ask the American people, do not give into the fear. Do not give into the frustration. We can disagree about public policy. We can disagree about it vibrantly, passionately, but we are a hopeful people and we have every right to be hopeful. For we in this nation are the descendents of go-getters. In our veins runs the blood of people who gave it all up so we would have the chances they never did. We are all the descendants of someone who made our future the purpose of their lives. We are the descendants of pilgrims. We are the descendants of settlers. We are the descendants of men and women that headed westward in the great plains not knowing what awaited them. We are the descendants of slaves who overcame that horrible institution to stake their claim in the American dream. We are the descendants of immigrants and exiles who knew and believed that they were destined for more and that there was only one place on earth where that was possible.

Note: I’ve swapped out the video again for one that seems to have a better audio synch.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023