State Department releases more Hillary emails

The State Department released a new batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails Friday. There will be one final release Monday, just a day before the Super Tuesday primaries.

McClatchy reports the Friday release of 881 emails brings the total number of classified emails released so far to 1,818. Of those, 22 were deemed to be “top secret” and will not be released in any form. A similar number of emails were judged to be secret and the remainder were at the lowest level of classification: confidential. Of the emails released Friday, 88 were deemed to be classified at the confidential level.

ABC News published details of one of the emails in today’s release:

In one of the emails released today, a former Marine and Iraq veteran sends a heartfelt and somewhat prescient email to Secretary Clinton after meeting with her and discussing the U.S troop withdrawal.

“America has a habit of leaving these types of places and turning our backs on our allies,” Zachary Iscol wrote. “We’ve lost a lot of blood and treasure in Iraq in the last 8 years and many of the relationships developed by military and state personnel were hard won. Those groups are now incredibly fearful that we will abandon them to the Shi’a majority and Iran’s will.

“And as we divest ourselves of direct military engagement throughout the world it is even more important to send a message that the [U.S.] does not abandon those who throw in their lot with us….”

Clinton’s description of the emails on her server has shifted over the last year. She initially claimed there was no classified information in the emails but later clarified that none of the material had been “marked” classified at the time it was sent or received. Her campaign continues to claim none of the emails were classified at the time she received them and has called for the release of all the emails, even the ones the State Department concedes contain “top secret” information. Other reports, including a letter sent to Congress by the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community, indicate that at least some of the emails contained information taken from classified intelligence reports which would certainly have been considered classified at the time.

The discovery of two “top secret” emails last summer prompted the FBI to seize both her server and a thumb drive containing copies of the emails which was in the possession of her attorney. The FBI has been investigating the handling of material on the server ever since but has yet to decide whether or not to recommend the DOJ prosecute anyone for a crime. In an interview Friday morning, Clinton said she was “personally not concerned about it.”

In a related development, a judge ruled Tuesday that Clinton’s former aides at the State Department could be questioned under oath about apparent attempts to skirt the FOIA laws covering her work email. Among the people Judicial Watch hopes to question: Hillary’s private IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, her lawyer David Kendall and her aide Huma Abedin.

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022