SEAL Team Six Doesn't Exist (and isn't called Team Six)

It’s difficult to find anyone who will talk about Team Six, the mysterious group of SEALs who raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan Sunday and killed Osama bin Laden. But the AP did manage to find one former SEAL who was willing to talk a little bit about this top secret group:

These SEAL All-Stars have a lot more going for them than just muscle and weaponry:

Most are fluent in one or more foreign languages – on Sunday’s operation, some of the team were apparently able to speak Pashto – and candidates are also selected for their ability to blend in to any environment.

Team Six was created after the failed rescue attempt of the Iranian hostages. They were called “Team Six” in order to suggest to our adversaries that we had at least that many teams operating. In fact there were only two other SEAL teams at the time. Team Six was disbanded in 1987 but another, very similar team known as DEVGRU (Naval Special Warfare Development Group) started at the same time and DEVGRU was often referred to as “Team Six” in subsequent years.

However, even this name is now out of date. Apparently the Navy changed the name of the team but has not made the new designation public. So the group of SEAL all-stars that the press is calling Team Six has a name but no one will say what it is.

Just how tight lipped are these guys? Today, Bloomberg published this account:

Richard DeBerry Jr. said he knows a member of Navy SEAL Team Six, the elite, secretive unit that killed Osama bin Laden.

That friendship still won’t get him any details of the nighttime raid on the Pakistan compound of the terrorist who eluded capture for a decade.

“We’re not even going to try to pick his brain about it — he’s not going to say a thing,” DeBerry, 33, said in an office lined with baseball caps from Navy servicemen who bought cars. “You get drunk with them and they won’t tell you a thing about what happened on their missions. They don’t even tell their wives.”

There’s really only one thing we know for sure about this non-existent team with no name. They get the job done.