Greece to Germany: Only Nazis would give us billions with strings attached

Far be it from me to chide anyone for making fun of the Germans, but the Greeks do seem to be clamping down on the hand that’s feeding them right now.

The ill will many Greeks feel toward Germany for imposing painful financial conditions on the massive loans the country made to them are just a normal response to a difficult situation, says German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

…It’s understandable that Greeks were upset with Germany says Schaeuble. “When you have countries or people who have been living beyond their means, and now they have to apply some austerity, they have to make cuts, they have to reform their labor market…people tend to push the blame to others,” Schaeuble says. “They are looking for scapegoats. It’s perfectly normal,” he tells Kroft.

To make matters worse, Greeks still remember the German occupation of their country in World War II and have made protest posters featuring Swastikas that allude to German domination. The posters sometimes have German leaders on them, even Schaeuble. “That’s part of politics,” says the finance minister, who tells Kroft he is just trying to do his job and Germany doesn’t want to dominate anyone. He too, remembers World War II. “It doesn’t mean we want to dominate anybody. Germany tried to do so in the past and it never worked, but it no longer wants to do so today.”

On the one hand, this is like a bum complaining because someone giving him a twenty wants it spent on food instead of Wild Turkey. If the Greeks could actually manage their own affairs without outside help, they wouldn’t need any money from Germany in the first place. On the other hand, as an American, it’s actually perversely gratifying to see another country being demonized for aiding a hapless nation in trouble. It’s almost like a voice from the cosmos shouting, “Oh, it’s not just you. The world is actually full of ungrateful cretins who don’t appreciate anything.”

The really scary thing here is that this should clue you in on how far the Left IN THIS COUNTRY will go to avoid cutting spending. Greece is so broke that it’s having to live on donations from more financially responsible nations, something we’re too big to do, and the Greeks are STILL demonizing the people that are paying their bills and resisting attempts to cut spending. Doesn’t reading this leave you with the feeling that one day, even though our credit rating has been slashed to Zimbabwe levels and the country looks like The Grapes of Wrath 2020, we’ll still have Democrats screaming about tax cuts for the rich and demanding that we increase the budget for the National Endowment of the Arts?