Denver Waves White Flag Over Illegal Migrants

AP Photo/Thomas Peipert

Denver, Colorado has been a magnet for illegal aliens since early in the ongoing Biden border crisis. Like many other cities, they've been setting up shelters at the airport, in hotels, at formerly public facilities, and pretty much anywhere else they could find some open space. They've embraced both Joe Biden's theories and his language, going so far as to appoint a "Newcomer Communications Liason" named Andres Carrera. But Denver is much smaller than many of the other popular migrant destination cities, both in physical size and available resources. This week the city appears to have reached the breaking point. Carrera was caught on video inside of a shelter pleading with the migrants to move on and go elsewhere. (Denver News 9)

A video from inside a migrant shelter in Denver shows a city leader begging families to move on to other cities and warning of a bleak future if they stay. 

In the clip obtained by 9NEWS, Denver’s Newcomer Communications Liaison Andres Carrera, who also serves as Mayor Mike Johnston's political director, tells newly arrived migrants that Denver cannot support them. 

“The opportunities are over,” Carrera says to the group in Spanish. “New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more. So I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there.” 

Denver is offering to pay for migrants' onward bus fare to destinations of their choice, a decision decried by other cities also struggling with the migrant crisis. 

It appears that the last to arrive are the first to get the boot. The group of migrants that Carrera was speaking to showed up on March 26, arriving on several buses provided by the Governor of Texas. But the migrants aren't actually being forced to leave Denver. The Communications Liaison was basically just begging them to get a ride out of town. Why would they go, though? Denver proudly advertised itself as a sanctuary where everyone's needs would be met, unlike the cold, cruel conservatives in the border states. 

Also, the city is not really being honest with the migrants. They're mentioning Chicago as a preferable destination, but Chicago is already asking migrants to go elsewhere because they've run out of space also and the locals are up in arms. In fact, they are starting evictions today. New York City hasn't started any mass evictions yet, but they're also getting close. The valuable cash cards they're giving away might convince some of the Denver migrants to get on a bus, however. Carrera also suggested Miami as a destination, but I'm pretty sure Ron DeSantis would have something to say about that.

Denver is offering to pay for bus tickets for any migrants willing to move on. They have also imposed limits on how long people can remain in the city's shelters. Single adults are supposed to be evicted after two weeks, while families with children can stay for up to six weeks. But what then? Most of them are probably not wealthy and they don't qualify for work permits. They'll probably just wind up sleeping in the parks or on the public sidewalks as they do in so many other cities.

Nobody is proposing any effective, lasting solutions because there are no solutions. The country was never going to be able to absorb ten million people this rapidly even if we wanted to. And most of us don't want to. The only effective solution available is the one that Donald Trump is proposing. Locate and round up all of these migrants and ship them back to where they came from. Start with the worst criminals and gang members first, but we would need to track down almost all of them eventually. But even that isn't a fully viable solution unless we first close the border fully and shut down the incoming flow. Even then it would take years to get this under control, assuming we ever can.

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