Poll: Insurrectionist Democrats Oppose Certifying Election if Trump Wins

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Coming to us from the "you can't make this stuff up" files is yet another story of the insanity currently enveloping the political debate surrounding the upcoming elections. If there's one thing that the Democrats are absolutely sure about and plan to campaign on until November, it's that Donald Trump committed insurrection on January 6, 2021, when he attempted to prevent Congress from certifying the election of Joe Biden. (He didn't, but we've been over that too many times already.) But according to a new poll from Rasmussen, they are almost equally sure of something else. If he wins this November, that election should clearly not be certified. And a solid majority of them feel that way. How people manage to make it through the day with this level of cognitive dissonance remains something of a mystery. (Washington Free Beacon)


A majority of Democrats would back efforts by lawmakers to stop former President Donald Trump from entering the White House by blocking his congressional certification of victory.

In a poll that suggests a Democratic-style Jan. 6 protest, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that 57% of Democrats would support “refusing to certify the election results if Trump wins.”

What’s more, 52% of Democrats rejected the Supreme Court’s recent decision to block states from keeping Trump off primary and caucus ballots if local officials believe he backed the Jan. 6 MAGA riot inside the Capitol that stalled the certification of President Joe Biden’s election over Trump.

On the off chance that you suspect I might either be delusional or making this up (and who could blame you), here is the announcement straight from Rasmussen. 

But wait... it gets even worse. Among the same group of Democrats who want to block the certification of a potential Trump election, an even larger majority (58%) turned around and said that they do not believe Republicans should have tried to refuse to certify the 2020 election.


So let's review, shall we? Keep in mind that these are the same Democrats who have attempted and are still attempting the following "strategies" against Trump this year:

  • Attempting to bankrupt him through bogus civil lawsuits
  • Attempting to keep him off the campaign trail with multiple court cases, hoping to...
  • Get him locked up in prison for the rest of his life so he can't be sworn in
  • Remove him from the ballot by executive or judicial fiat so people can't vote for him
  • Encourage (successfully) mainstream media to not cover his events or speeches to silence him, and now...
  • Refuse to certify his election if he overcomes all of that and wins anyway

And yet, this is the same party being led - at least for now - by Joe Biden, who is running against Trump by claiming that he is the most serious threat to our democracy and the future of our nation since the Civil War. Monty Python couldn't have written this script. John Cleese and Michael Palin would have looked at this and said, "Mate, we can get away with the killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, but nobody is going to be buying this." And yet here we are. This is actual news and it's being reported all over the country. We are living in a parody. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so incredibly dangerous to the actual future of the nation.


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