When illegal migrants started looting in NYC

When illegal migrants started looting in NYC
AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Governors in the southern border states as well as the federal government have been shipping busloads and plane flights filled with illegal migrants to New York and other major cities for quite a while now. This has led to considerable backlash from the mayors of those cities, particularly Eric Adams in the Big Apple. But simply finding food and shelter for all of these migrants isn’t the only challenge facing municipal leaders. Some of these new, uninvited arrivals have not been content to simply be put up in converted hotels and wait for deliveries of donated food. Some of the more entrepreneurial ones have sought out more lucrative financial opportunities.

For example, four migrants sent from Texas to Manhattan were recently arrested after they looted more than $12,000 worth of merchandise from Macy’s in Garden City. Police arrested them while they were driving away in their stolen car. (NY Post)

Four migrants bused into New York City from Texas were busted for snatching thousands of dollars in merchandise from a Nassau County mall, officials said Monday.

Wrallan Cabezas Meza, 19; Miguel Angel Rojas, 21; Rafael Rojas, 27; and Jose Garcia Escobar, 30, are accused of driving from the Big Apple to Garden City and stealing $12,489 in goods from Macy’s Roosevelt Field earlier this month, according to county police.

Cops caught the crew shortly after the Jan. 9 heist in in Hampstead when Meza was pulled over for allegedly failing to use a turn signal in a 2006 BMW with bogus plates, a criminal complaint in the case states.

The first question that came to mind when I read this story involved what the legal system and the municipal government would do with these four migrants. They’ve clearly been charged with what should qualify as grand theft. Typically, non-citizens who are charged with serious crimes are supposed to be expelled from the country. Or at least they used to be. But now, you’re a racist if you suggest that any of the migrants should be sent back home. And most of the liberals in New York don’t even want criminals held on bail. So what happened to these guys? We had our answer soon enough.

The four suspects appeared in court on Jan. 10 and were released without bail.

Of course they were. Why wouldn’t they be put back on the streets along with all of the local gang bangers?

Pulling back and looking at the bigger picture here, it’s hard to say exactly who is to blame for this outcome. There is looting going on in large cities all over the country, much of it presumably being carried out by gangs of citizens. These migrants can see all of the looting on television like the rest of us.

It’s not hard to imagine what they might be thinking. “Cool! Not only do you come into the country for free and not get arrested, but you can take whatever you want from the stores? What a country!”

Just in case you’re wondering if these four poor lost souls are stuck living outside in the cold without any of their looted merchandise, fear not. All four of them have rooms at the Westin Hotel on West 57th Street in Manhattan. And meals are delivered there every day. All of this is funded by the taxpayers, so they don’t have to worry very much about having enough pocket cash.

Putting all gallows humor aside, this is yet another reminder of the significant questions that none of our elected officials seem to be considering. Does this really look like a sustainable situation to anyone? Because it’s obviously not. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these people arriving every month because our southern border is still open. We do not have the resources to handle that many people even if we wanted to. The government (at several levels) is failing us entirely. And at least thus far, nobody is being held accountable.

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