So when will Jack Dorsey be indicted for lying to Congress?

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This is a question I’ve been mulling ever since the Twitter Files started dropping, though I’m not quite as sure about it now as was previously. (More on that in a moment.) The New York Post picked up on something that many of us noticed during Bari Weiss’ tweetstorm that delivered the second episode of the ongoing series. As you may recall, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was called in to provide testimony before Congress in 2018 and he was asked at least three times whether or not Twitter was shadow-banning or censoring Republicans and conservatives on his platform. Each time he responded by saying that wasn’t being done and that if their algorithm was doing it, they hadn’t intentionally programmed it to be that way. We now know from the company’s internal documents that those claims were false. So should Dorsey be facing some sort of penalty or legal action for lying under oath?


Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey once testified under oath in 2018 that his company never shadowbanned or censored conservative users.

The claims have blown up amid a series of disclosures by the company — now under new management by billionaire and free-speech advocate Elon Musk, who bought it in October — showing a systemic effort to silence prominent conservative voices on the platform.

Dorsey appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on September 2018 to discuss “Transparency and Accountability” at the company. While there he came in for a grilling from GOP lawmakers.

Committing perjury before Congress can come with significant penalties. (Just ask Steve Bannon.) But the Twitter Files have shown us that a lot of the decisions about shadow banning were made below Dorsey’s level, often without him even being informed. I’m assuming he knew that something was going on, but the internal documents suggest that he was actually pushing to ensure that the company’s content moderation guidelines were being enforced in a fair and equal manner. Perhaps he really believed that was true, particularly back in 2018 before all of the “misinformation” wars fully kicked into gear.

Even if Republicans in the House did want to go after Dorsey, it still might prove impossible, at least for the next two years. As Jonathan Turley told The Post, any prosecution of Dorsey would require Merrick Garland to go along with the plan. And given how much Garland has politicized the Justice Department in favor of liberals since taking office, what are the odds of that happening? Likely slim to none.


None of that may hold back the Republicans in the House, however. They might already be planning to try something along those lines. Could that be part of the rumored “criminal indictments” that are supposed to be coming?

House Republicans preparing to launch a sprawling probe into the president’s involvement in his son Hunter’s business dealings say they are ready to throw the book at the Bidens — and are zeroing in on a shady China energy deal.

“If evidence justifies it, then we will have criminal referrals,” Rep. James Comer told The Post during an exclusive interview at his Capitol Hill office this week.

Based on what James Comer said, it sounds like the main thrust of the investigation and potential indictments will be centered on Hunter Biden’s shady deals in China and Ukraine, along with questions of whether or not “the Big Guy” was getting 10% of the action. But Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell has to be a big part of the investigation, right? Could Jack Dorsey wind up being swept up in the investigation and end up taking some collateral damage? It still doesn’t sound very likely, but these days it seems like anything is possible.

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