Boston schools panic over lawsuits by parental rights group

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

The trend of American public schools turning into radical liberal indoctrination centers that defy the rights of parents to control how their children are raised has been ramping up for some time now. But in recent years, encouraging signs have been observed as parents have sought ways to reassert their rights. Some have opted to abandon public schools, choosing either private schools or homeschooling for their kids. Others have run for and won seats on school boards to retake control of the curriculum and school policies. But a group called Parents Defending Education has adopted a far more confrontational approach. They have identified incidents where schools are promoting racism, transgender ideology, and the sexualization of children and have taken the school districts to court to stop it. They’ve been particularly active in Massachusetts lately and, as the Boston Globe reports, the schools are growing increasingly anxious in fear that any of them might be next.

An increasingly active right-leaning nonprofit called Parents Defending Education filed a federal civil rights complaint against Newton North High School last month, alleging that a student-led theater production broke the law by limiting auditions to people of color only.

The same group sued Wellesley Public Schools last year for alleged illegal discrimination when Wellesley High School hosted a forum for Asian students and students of color to discuss a mass shooting at an Asian massage parlor in Atlanta. The teacher who organized the session wrote that it was “*not* for students who identify only as White.”

So far, the national group has identified 43 “incidents” in which they say Massachusetts schools inappropriately — or even illegally — taught students about race, sexual orientation, or gender, setting school districts across the Commonwealth on edge that they might be sued next.

The School Superintendent in Wellesley, who had to settle a lawsuit from PDE recently, seemed stunned by what is happening. Claiming that he’s “never seen anything like it,” David Lussier said that the group actually “goes after superintendents” and “gets people fired.” Can you imagine the nerve?

It’s as if these members of the teachers’ unions have been living in a bubble for so long that they can’t believe anyone would object to their practices. But PDE has already scored major victories in Massachusetts that relied on little more than common sense. The teacher in his school who spurred the lawsuit (as noted in the excerpt above) organized a forum to discuss school shootings and specifically announced that it was “not for students who identify only as white.”

Another school limited auditions for roles in the school play to “only students of color.” Do these people honestly not understand that they are engaging in the most obvious form of racism imaginable? Or do they know it but simply not care because they assume nobody can stop them?

Other schools are promoting transgender ideology and hiding important developmental information about students from their parents. Others are pushing inappropriately mature sexual information on grade school children. And at least in Massachusetts, many of the perpetrators of these abnormal practices seem genuinely shocked that families are outraged.

But now, Parents Defending Education is coming after them with a team of lawyers. And they’re winning. Why shouldn’t they win? They’re bringing up obvious objections to unacceptable practices and the courts have thus far looked at their complaints favorably. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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