Seattle-area school tries to ban saying "biological male"

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In case nobody sent you a greeting card to remind you, March 31st was “Transgender Visibility Day.” (Don’t feel too bad. I didn’t get a card either.) While it’s difficult to imagine transgender activists and their cult being any less visible than they are on every cable news channel in the country, some public schools set aside special times and activities to commemorate the occasion. That included Lynnwood High School in the greater Seattle area. But simply putting up some signs or posters and having a parade wasn’t enough at Lynnwood. The “counseling secretary” for the school wanted to ensure that the faculty altered their language to avoid inadvertently giving offense to anyone. So she sent out a memo warning the staff that there are certain words and phrases they were no longer allowed to use. These included “biological male” and “biological female,” but there were many more entries on the list. These terms, according to Ari Dodge Sheehan, are offensive and are frequently used by “anti-transgender activists” to “inaccurately” describe a trans person’s gender. There was no word as to whether or not anyone was fired as a result of crossing the language police. (Free Beacon)

A public high school in Washington State is instructing teachers to avoid the terms “biologically male” and “biologically female” in the classroom, according to internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Ari Dodge Sheehan, the counseling secretary for the Seattle-area Lynnwood High School, in March sent an employee-wide email to promote “Transgender Visibility Day” and provide guidelines on how to work with transgender students. The message included a section on “terms to avoid” that listed “born a man,” “born a woman,” “biologically male,” “biologically female,” “biological boy,” “biological girl,” “genetically male,” and “genetically female.”

“Phrases like those above oversimplify a complex subject and are often used by anti-transgender activists to inaccurately imply that a trans person is not who they say they are,” Sheehan wrote in the email, which was obtained through a public information request.

As you can see from the excerpt above, you are also not allowed to say “born a man” or boy or woman or girl. Also on the verboten list were references to “biologically” or “genetically” male, boy, female, or girl.

This may come as a surprise to some readers, but I happen to agree with Ari Dodge Sheehan, though not for the reasons she might hope. (Or at least I think she’s a she. I’m not a biologist, after all.) I don’t think teachers should say “biological” male, female, boy, or girl. They shouldn’t have to say it. If the person was born with a Y chromosome, a penis and testicles, they’re a boy or man, depending on their age. The word “biological” is redundant. The same goes for people born with two X chromosomes, ovaries and a vagina. They’re girls or women.

This sort of language control comes straight out of the Orwell playbook. If you control the language, you control the debate. If you control the debate, you control the outcome. And the parents of the students and the rest of the taxpayers who fund these schools need to be made aware when this sort of conversion and indoctrination is going on inside the classroom.

Children are impressionable and they generally develop a respect for teachers as authority figures. They are far too susceptible to being indoctrinated into a cult in this fashion if the people issuing the orders are the same ones they have been told to listen to and take instructions from for all of their young lives. The same pattern of abuse appears when authority figures such as doctors or priests take advantage of their patients or parishioners.

This madness is spreading far too rapidly and widely across the country. And the vast majority of it seems to originate in the public schools. What people choose to “identify” as or have surgically or medically done to them as adults is their own business. But we’re talking about children here and they are unable to provide informed consent for pretty much anything. People need to be fighting back before it’s too late to turn this train around and it goes straight off of a cliff.

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