Those midnight flights for illegal migrants have only increased

Rob Astorino

Earlier this year Karen discussed the secret nighttime flights that the Biden administration has arranged to bring illegal migrants from the border to other locations around the country, where they are then released into the wild. One spot seeing a lot of this traffic was the airport in Westchester, New York. Planeloads of migrants were arriving on an almost nightly basis. They were given boxes of welcome gifts and loaded onto buses to be dropped off in New York City or other communities around the state. No announcements of these arrivals were given to the communities where it was taking place.

Once the news went public, I foolishly thought that the practice might come to an end, or at least be made public so more oversight could be applied. Neither of those things happened. In fact, the frequency of the flights has expanded to the point where they added a second airport to handle them all. As the New York Post reports, GOP gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino has been investigating the situation and he personally took video of planeloads of migrants arriving at New York Stewart International Airport, located in the Hudson Valley to the northwest of Gotham.

As illegal migration at the southern border breaks new records, the Biden administration has upped the frequency of its secret flights on an industrial scale.

Migrant flights into New York have ratcheted up in recent weeks to almost one per night, and now a new airport is being utilized to handle the overflow, in an apparent bid by the administration to avoid images of border chaos before the November midterm elections.

New York Stewart International Airport, in the Hudson Valley, is taking up the slack for Westchester County Airport, according to video provided to The Post by Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino.

Some of the flights are coming from El Paso, Texas, via Jacksonville, Florida. Just as before, the migrants are turned loose at a variety of locations around the state, many without even having a court date to talk to immigration officials. They are simply being dumped out at highway rest stops or public housing locations and the planes return to the border to collect another load.

The majority of the migrants seen in the new videos appear to be Hispanic males in their late teens or early 20s. This flies in the face of the claims of the Biden administration that single males are “mostly” being sent back across the border, while families and children are screened for possible admission. The planes carrying the migrants are not military or government flights. They are from a private charter company, though the company insignia on the side of the planes have been covered over. This further underscores the secrecy of the entire program and the fact that the Biden administration knows they are doing something wrong that people would be upset about.

Stewart airfield is a former Air Force base that is now operated by the Port Authority under the control of Governor Kathy Hochul It is still used as a military airfield for the Air National Guard and the Marine Corps Reserve. Who gave the approval for this base to be used for these purposes? And who is paying for the late-night operations when the base is normally closed? For that matter, who is paying for those charter flights? The answer to the second and third questions is obvious. The taxpayers are footing the bill as usual. We currently have a government that is running a covert illegal immigrant smuggling operation right under our noses. And these are some of the most well-paid coyotes in the country.