It's getting harder to hide the fact that "something's not quite right" with Joe Biden

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

After a recent series of public appearances where President Biden has acted rather confused (to be charitable), Karol Markowicz at the New York Post decided to take the gloves off and discuss what increasingly seems to be an uncomfortable reality. She writes that Biden’s “decline is obvious to everyone but the press.” And it’s true that we still have many major newspaper columnists and cable news talking heads who insist that any questions about the President’s current grasp on reality are simply insulting, spurious plots by his critics to discredit him and that everything is just fine. But as Markowicz points out, that’s becoming an increasingly difficult position to maintain.

She begins by reminding us of the Q&A from last week when Biden was asked a very serious and important question about ending Title 42. He launched into a meandering answer that probably sounded confusing until you realized that he was actually answering a question about the mask mandate for public travel. She then moves on to comments he gave on Friday where he attempted to criticize Ron DeSantis over actions that Florida is taking regarding Disney. It didn’t go well.

This isn’t simply misspeaking. He seems fully out of it, and we’re all watching quietly.

On Friday, Biden tried to comment on Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law and came out with this word salad: “There’s nothing conservative about deciding you’re going to throw Disney out of its present posture because Mickey Mouse? In fact, do you think we should be not be able to say, you know, ‘gay’? I mean, what’s going on here?”

What is going on here, indeed? Is the president OK? He doesn’t seem like it.

It’s funny, sure, but it’s also kind of scary. Who is really running the show at the White House? The president often makes comments about what he’s “allowed” to say, how many press questions he’s permitted to take and which specific reporters he can call on. Who is making these decisions? Is Joe Biden the president or not?

Also covered is the event at the White House on Easter Sunday. When a reporter asked Biden a question about Afghanistan, he began to answer but a woman in a rabbit suit rushed up, waved her arms in front of the President’s face and ushered him away to another area. (The costumed woman turned out to be Meghan Hays, the White House director of message planning.)

We’ve brought all of this up here before, though it can be difficult to talk about. When Joe Biden answers a question from the press that isn’t a complete softball, his aides inevitably wind up rushing out to “clarify” what he said, frequently describing a policy that’s almost entirely the opposite of his answer. Joe Biden does not make policy in his own White House. And we’re not being told who does.

He frequently seems confused and his answers sometimes don’t make sense. But the answers a president gives matter, particularly when we’re in a situation in Ukraine that is teetering on the verge of World War 3. And if someone else who nobody in the country voted for is actually pulling the strings, we deserve to know who that person is and what avenues are available to ensure they are accountable to the public.

As I’ve already discussed here, this is a difficult topic for me personally. I have had multiple family members dealing with mental acuity issues in their later years that go far beyond just “senior moments,” including my mother, who suffered from advanced dementia for the last decade of her life. Now that I’m over sixty, as I have admitted here previously, I’m experiencing those senior moments myself and it’s worrisome, so I take no pleasure in pointing fingers at Joe Biden. But the reality is that I have a job writing articles that others frequently look over for me. If I get something wrong (which absolutely happens) it can be edited. Oh, and I don’t have the launch codes for the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile.

I also don’t know what, if anything, could or should be done if Joe Biden truly has entered a serious cognitive decline. We only found out after the fact (officially, anyway) that Ronald Reagan was battling Alzheimer’s during his second term in office. Of course, the Gipper had a way of covering his bases and a sense of humor that would have everyone laughing along with him. And on his worst day, he never seemed to reach the level that Joe Biden seems to be displaying.

Even if Joe Biden resigned or was somehow removed through a 25th Amendment procedure, we’d be stuck with Kamala Harris. Perhaps we just need to ride this out for a couple more years and hope for the best. We should also hope that whoever is really making the decisions inside the White House knows what they are doing.