Napa doctor goes down for selling fake vax cards

Napa doctor goes down for selling fake vax cards
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The day may come when we’ll finally stop hearing these stories about people selling fake immunity passports to those who refuse to take the COVID injections, but we’re clearly not there yet. The latest of these reports comes to us from the plush Napa Valley region in California where a doctor (or at least I think she’s a doctor) has confessed to selling hundreds of fake CDC cards to people who did not take the vaccine. Juli Mazi is a “naturopathic doctor” who was issuing cards along with “homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets” that she claimed would provide the patient with lifetime immunity against COVID. And it wasn’t just COVID immunization documents she was peddling. She sold cards purporting to show that children had received all of their childhood immunizations required to attend public schools. But now her business dealings have come to an end. (KTVU)

A naturopathic doctor in the North Bay pleaded guilty on Wednesday for selling fake COVID vaccination cards and homeoprophylaxis immunization pills, the Department of Justice said.

Federal investigators said Juli Mazi, 41, falsified vaccination cards to make it appear that customers had received the Moderna vaccine.

“Juli Mazi has admitted that she engaged in a scheme to sell fake health care records to her customers,” said U.S. Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds. “Mazi made profits by selling false immunization cards she knew would be used to mislead schools into believing students had been immunized from childhood illnesses as required by law. Mazi also sold fake COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards suggesting she administered the Moderna vaccine to her customers when, in fact, she had not.”

It seems like there was a lot going on with this “doctor” that was pretty questionable. First of all, she worked entirely out of her home, which probably isn’t illegal but raises some red flags. I’ll confess that I had to go look up what a “naturopathic doctor” is. WebMD suggests that some of them receive college degrees in homeopathic medicine, frequently relying on herbs and other natural substances to treat various conditions. Others have no formal training and some of them are apparently just quacks.

Also, those “homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets” don’t seem to be actual medicine either. The nicest thing I could find anyone saying about them is that they are “controversial.” To put it bluntly, if you were relying on this woman for all of your medical care, you probably shouldn’t be all that shocked if you wind up with a negative medical outcome.

But the bigger issue here is that she was somehow able to obtain not only vials of vaccine (that she didn’t use in most cases), but also blank CDC cards to issue including valid Moderna vaccine batch numbers. Assuming she had access to enter the information into the state vaccination database, her cards would have been entirely undetectable as frauds. And she wasn’t just servicing the COVID vaccine-hesitant crowd. Her customers included the serious anti-vaxxers who don’t even want their children being vaccinated against the usual childhood illnesses. So it’s a safe bet that she was running this scam long before the COVID vaccines were approved.

This incident once again serves as a reminder that the government’s efforts to force vaccinations on people and regulate their movement based on their vaccination status backfired in significant ways. People who chose not to comply with the mandates but otherwise followed the law were punished, being barred from social interactions and in far too many cases, losing their jobs. Meanwhile, those who were willing to cheat and obtain a fake immunity passport were allowed to skirt the rules and potentially expose others who believed they were in a “safe” environment around similarly vaccinated people. And given the number of people who have been caught peddling these cards (keeping in mind that law enforcement couldn’t possibly have caught a significant percentage of them), they probably number in the tens or hundreds of thousands, if not more. So did the government really wind up making everyone “safer” through all of these measures? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

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