Baltimore power couple didn't bother paying their water bills, either

(AP Photo/Steve Ruark, File)

The saga of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby, continues to grow more curious every month. We’ve already covered the many questionable financial dealings they’ve engaged in which recently resulted in Marilyn Mosby being indicted and charged in court. And we’ve known for more than a year that the Mosbys seemed to have perennial memory problems when it comes to paying their taxes. The latest news about them out of Charm City probably isn’t nearly as serious in nature, but may still speak to their attitude toward following the rules everyone else is expected to obey. It turns out that the Mosbys failed to pay their water bill for quite some time, at least until the press learned of the story and made the public aware of the situation. (Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby were nearly one year delinquent in paying their water bill before settling their balance Tuesday amid scrutiny, city records show.

The city power couple paid off the $907 balance Tuesday after their unpaid bill came to light Monday, according to city billing records. The couple’s meter was last read in late January, and they were billed in early February, the records show.

Before Tuesday, the Mosby’s last payment for their Reservoir Hill home was March 30, 2021, for approximately $134, according to the city.

One interesting aspect of this story is that the news wasn’t uncovered by the Baltimore Sun or any of the other major news outlets in the city. The story was broken via citizen journalism by a blog called Baltimore Brew. The city doesn’t release personal information about municipal residents’ utility payments, but the billing status for specific properties can be looked up online. So if you know someone’s address you can determine the current status of their utility payments. That’s apparently what Baltimore Brew did and we should give credit to the Sun for recognizing and citing the original source in their coverage.

Some of you may find yourselves thinking, ‘so the Mosbys didn’t pay their water bill for nearly a year. Is it really that big of a deal?’ Perhaps not, particularly when you think of how many people fell behind financially over the course of the pandemic shutdowns. But then again, that’s sort of the entire point here. Just as with the charges of defrauding the pandemic relief fund that Marilyn Mosby is facing, she didn’t experience any of those hardships. Neither did her husband. They both have very lucrative government jobs with handsome salaries and they never missed a single paycheck over the course of the shutdowns. What’s their excuse?

Failing to pay your utility bills for an entire year just seems like one more example of how the Mosbys don’t seem to feel that the rules everyone else must follow apply to them. Paying bills is apparently just something that “the little people” have to do. The same goes for the way they keep “forgetting” to pay their taxes. And both of them are now under investigation for misusing campaign contribution money in violation of campaign finance laws.

Every time the press reports on the latest bit of trouble they’ve gotten into, Marilyn Mosby complains that it’s all some sort of plot by her political opponents to make her look bad. She even filed an FCC complaint with a local news outlet for the sin of reporting on the allegations against her. Not only aren’t you supposed to look into any of her personal financial affairs, but you’re also not supposed to report on it if you do dig up some dirt. It’s really quite a remarkable attitude. But with all of the investigations currently underway and the charges that have already been filed, the chickens may finally be coming home to roost. (And she’s probably committing some sort of zoning violation regarding keeping chickens within the city limits, too.)