"Regretful" ISIS bride turned down by SCOTUS

(Militant photo via AP, File)

It’s been more than two years since we heard any news about Hoda Muthana, the daughter of a Yemeni diplomat who left her home in Alabama and ran off to Syria to join up with ISIS. Once there, she married a series of ISIS terrorists, producing a child with one of them. After ISIS began to implode, Muthana apparently thought better of her choice. Being stuck in a war-ravaged country full of men who treat women like property or garbage probably didn’t brighten her optimism any further, either. So she applied to be allowed back into the United States.

Unfortunately for her, a federal judge ruled in November of 2019 that Muthana was not a United States citizen and she was not entitled to come back to America. And since her child was born in Syria to a non-citizen, he didn’t have any sort of automatic birthright citizenship either. At some point, Muthana appealed the decision, and this week the case was sent to the Supreme Court. It appears that Ms. Muthana is going to have to get used to living that Islamic terror lifestyle, because SCOTUS, without comment, declined to even hear the case. (ABC News)

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of a woman who left home in Alabama to join the Islamic State terror group, but then decided she wanted to return to the United States.

The justices declined without comment on Monday to consider the appeal of Hoda Muthana, who was born in New Jersey in October 1994 to a diplomat from Yemen and grew up in Alabama near Birmingham.

Muthana left the U.S. to join the Islamic State in 2014, apparently after becoming radicalized online.

Normally, when we hear the tale of a young, widowed mother with a toddler who is looking for help, I’m sure most of our hearts go out to them. But there has to be a case where you draw the line and this one certainly qualifies. Whether you’re talking about legal or moral grounds, this woman doesn’t have a leg to stand on, nor should she. Some sins are a bit too much to be forgiven.

Just from the dry, legal perspective, the courts have already settled the issue. Muthana was born in New Jersey, but she was the child of a diplomat from Yemen. This excludes her from the “natural born citizen” rule since she and her family owed no allegiance to the United States. As already mentioned, her son wasn’t even born in this country and was part of a “family” that was sworn to destroy the United States and most of the rest of civilization if possible, so he’s not a citizen either.

If she were just some random young woman caught up in the technicalities of our immigration laws, I’d likely have a lot more sympathy, but that’s not the case. Muthana not only snuck into Syria and willingly gave herself over to the ISIS fighters, but she launched a social media campaign, urging young American women and other wannabe Jihadis in the United States to create mayhem and “spill our blood” in the streets. She gave material comfort to the enemy (one of the most inhuman, despicable enemies ever seen outside of the Third Reich) and sought to incite domestic terrorism.

Sorry (not sorry), but that’s just several bridges too far. One can only imagine what sort of anti-American propaganda her child was raised hearing. He’ll probably grow up to be a terrorist too, assuming he’s lucky enough to survive that long. Hoda Muthana has had her day in court… several of them in fact. The call didn’t go her way. It’s a rough world sometimes and it’s true that young people often make foolish mistakes. But this is one “error” that she’s just going to have to learn to live with. Stay over there, Hoda. We’ve got enough terrorists to deal with as it is.