Deportations down 90% under Biden

Deportations down 90% under Biden
Courtesy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Not much has changed in terms of the ongoing Biden border crisis, including the fact that you can’t get most of the mainstream media to cover it without a gun put to their heads. But there has been one significant change that’s being reported this week by the Center for Immigration Studies. They obtained data on the deportation of illegal migrants from the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The number of deportations of illegal aliens, including those with serious criminal records, is down compared to recent years. And we’re not talking about an insignificant number here, either. Deportations have dropped by as much as 90%, falling to levels not seen in the 21st century. We’ll get to the details in a moment, but let’s just say that something like this doesn’t happen by accident. (Free Beacon)

Deportations of illegal immigrants, including those convicted of serious crimes such as burglary and homicide, dropped to the lowest levels in decades during President Joe Biden’s first six months in office, according to new data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In total, deportations of illegal immigrants from Jan. 21, 2021, through July 9, 2021, dropped by 90 percent compared with the same time period in 2019, the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic, which ground attempted migration into the United States to a near halt.

The curb in deportations extended to all types of illegal immigrants living in the United States, including those with criminal convictions.

One portion of the report was particularly disturbing. The number of deportations of illegal aliens with previous convictions for aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, and homicide, plunged by 50% as compared to 2020 and 65% from 2019. That’s a slightly lower number than the total population of illegals, but it’s still a huge shift in the wrong direction.

This collapse in deportations is taking place at the same time that the number of illegal border crossings is breaking records. So the bottom line is that the number of illegal migrants entering the country is vastly expanding at the same time that the number being shipped out is dropping precipitously. You don’t need to have been a math major to realize that this means the total number of illegal aliens in the country is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re very likely to wind up with more than a million more illegal residents in 2020 alone. And do I really need to point out that the vast majority of these border jumpers are unvaccinated and are unlikely to show up at a vaccination pod for fear of being discovered?

Jessica Vaughan, the author of the report, states that this is all a direct result of new policies put in place by the Biden administration.

“This collapse in deportations is undeniably due to the policies President Biden put in place upon taking office, including a deportation moratorium (later blocked in federal court) and by severely restricting the types of cases ICE officers can pursue.”

There doesn’t seem to be any question about that. Joe Biden ran for office with the very vocal support of progressives who were demanding that we “abolish ICE.” That turned out to be close to a logistical impossibility, as well as being politically unpopular. But Biden appears to have accomplished the same end through different means. Rather than flatly abolishing ICE, he defanged them to the point where it’s almost impossible to perform one of their most basic job functions.

I still find the paucity of illegal aliens with serious criminal convictions being shipped out to be the most disturbing aspect of these figures. Even back when Barack Obama and Joe Biden were tasked with immigration control and they were pushing for amnesty, they were always careful to draw a red line when it came to criminal illegal aliens. They wanted far more gentle treatment for the “dreamers” and those who kept their noses clean, but those who broke the law had to go. Now that Biden is in the top office, however, those restrictions seem to be largely a thing of the past. And the country is far less safe because of it.

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