DHS is finally building a wall... around Biden's beach house

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As the Biden border crisis drags on, renewed calls have been coming from governors and legislators along the Mexican border for the President to finish construction on the border wall. More than 1.7 million illegal aliens have had encounters with border officials thus far this year and the situation has long since grown out of control. Clearly, somebody at DHS must have been listening because there is some new barrier construction getting underway. Sadly, it’s not near Del Rio or any of the other coyote/cartel crossing points on the Rio Grande. This “barrier” will surround President Biden’s beach home in Rehoboth, Delaware. The eye-popping bill to the taxpayers for the new fencing will come in at nearly half a million dollars. (Free Beacon)


The Department of Homeland Security will spend nearly a half-million dollars for a Delaware construction company to build a fence around President Joe Biden’s beach house.

The New York Post reported Friday that the department awarded Turnstone Holdings LLC a $456,548 contract to purchase and install security fencing at the president’s Rehoboth home. The Secret Service will be the subagency for the contract.

Construction of Biden’s security fence comes as the president faces a record-high surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

This is more of a question of optics than any sort of impropriety on the part of Biden or DHS. The reality is that Joe Biden and his family will inherit Secret Service protection for the rest of his life after leaving office, just as other presidents do. Jimmy Carter still has a Secret Service protection detail comprised of more than 25 agents and they’ve been keeping watch over the Carters for more than forty years since he left office. They have to be able to control access to the properties where the former presidents are most likely to be, so a fence around his house shouldn’t be controversial.

But spending half a million dollars on a fence around a beach house while refusing to close the most often-used holes in our national perimeter should rightly be brought up for discussion. You will recall that one of the flurry of executive orders that Joe Biden signed on his first day in office (after repeatedly criticizing Donald Trump for legislating via executive orders) halted all construction on the southern border wall. Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security canceled all remaining contracts for border wall construction.


Instead, Joe Biden has called on Congress to fund “smarter border security measures.” What would that look like? According to a statement released by DHS on October 8, we will be focusing on “border technology and modernization of land ports of entry.” I hate to be the one to break this to the President, but the coyotes and the cartels don’t use the designated “land ports of entry.” That’s why we refer to them as smugglers.

But what about all of the money that Congress already appropriated for the border wall? What will that be spent on? Referring again to the DHS memo, those funds will be shifted to “environmental planning” actions. These will include “additional biological, cultural, and natural resource surveys for project areas where no data have been previously collected.” I’m sure all of the drug runners and child traffickers will be relieved to know that they are scurrying across tracts of land with sufficient environmental impact prevention policies in place.

But hey… at least the Bidens will have a cool new fence around their beach house. And that’s better than nothing, right?

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David Strom 6:40 PM | April 18, 2024